Lets start by saying if you want the most powerful wordpress website solution for business in North Lakes then our WordPress (WP) sites will blow you away. I invite you to check out other companies…. ask them questions. Are there solutions really tailored at a budget price or not?

We will Deliver our Web Design services to your budget from $150 a page

Website Performance Increase
Greater Customer Reach
More Interactive Content
Greater Goal Conversions


Dgdonline custom builds every web design solution for each and every customer, because each and every customer is different. That is the website service I deliver to North Lakes

You will have access to the following features in every website build.

    • Mobile ready responsive website
    • Awesome slideshows with readable text overlays
    • Powerful Search Engine Capabilities
    • Easily manage or add photos to your website
    • Easily change text or any content on your website
    • Training on how to use your website
    • Options for fully managed websites
    • The ability to do what you want without limitations
    • Live on-site analytic google data
    • Fully customizable multi function contact forms
    • Google maps integration
    • deep social network integration
    • Intense security options
    • eCommerce stores with payment gateways
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    Websites like this for *$150 per page

    Pages are $150 each and custom web apps are from $50 each. Affordable yet Hi Tech
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    Some Extra Features

    So your thinking what are the extras? Ok we do have some extra charges however they are very understandable.

    • Html 5: moving content & banners.. like the ones we use on this site.. $50 per slide (alot of work goes into them)
    • Custom Applications:  We can do anything, custom needs are quoted as per instance.
    • Hosting: Costs are based on needs
    • Site Management & maintenance: $140 per month* If required and generally comes with hosting and domain name included