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We have website Packages for Everyone

Let’s face it, owning and maintaining a website can be expensive. Between developer fees, hosting costs, maintenance, upgrades, apps, enchantments. It’s a fairly hefty expense.

The answer is simple. DGDOnline’s website packages!

It’s the fat cats choice!

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Think of it like purchasing in bulk. Often times when you purchase items in bulk, you receive a hefty discount on items that would’ve cost a lot more had you purchased them individually. That’s exactly what our website packages can do: save you money!

At the end of the day, whether you buy these services separately or together, you’re going to need them!

As we stated, one can’t have a website without a domain or a host. They all rely on each other to create one, functioning website.

If you wanted to purchase a car, you wouldn’t buy the engine today and the rest of the parts at another time, would you? Of course not! So why complicate things?

Purchase a website package from DGDOnline and get your business up and running without the hassles. 1300 491 606

While there are some deals available on this website, to get a customised deal Contact us today for more details.