James Pawlowski DgdOnline

Meet the Director

Hi I am James Pawlowski Director of Dgdonline. I am a graduate from University South Australia in Visual Arts. My focus while at UNI was in conceptual photography, this was back in the “film” days before digital cameras. In fact towards the end of my degree, I was the first student to bring in a Kodak 3.1 megpixel camera, much to the dislike of Ed Douglas my lecturer. Ed, I later heard, went “back to school” himself to get antiquated with this emerging technology.

I always had this love for technology and how I can express myself in creative ways through these mediums. After leaving Uni, I floated around trying various types of photographic work and playing digital music. In 2000 I moved to Safety Beach in Melbourne and decided that I was going to get a job as a graphic designer.

Having studied with alot of students from Visual Communication I realized we had a common understanding of design. For me my confidence was in the way I connected with software and computing seamlessly. So my first real job was as a graphic designer and pre press manager at a small printing company called Copress in 2001.

I quickly out grew the position wanting more and taking on personal clients and within 1 year had made the decision to start up a small agency doing graphic design and on selling offset print called Dromana Graphic Design. With time I wanted to be more mobile and not pinned to one remote suburb, so I decided to change the business to an online company. Dgdonline started in 2009 now based in Caboolture a Brisbane North Suburb in Queensland.

My focus is on delivering a full service web and graphic design studio. I worked for and with some awesome people over the years, now with a merged alliance with Brendan Bunting from Angry Bully we deliver an Australia wide online business development product like no other. Our Expertise allows us to take care of clients from initial branding to full scale market consumption and brand saturation. E commerce domination gives us warm fuzzies as we pour cash into our clients pockets from the success of our work.

Let our experience help your business reach the goals you set out. All advice I give is tested and true to its word. I prefer to work with a company that wants to succeed and is wanting change. We look for customers that are happy to invest time explaining how their business works, what challenges they face and who their competitors are. Does this sound like you? If so give us a call 1300 491 606

Services we offer

Over the years I have delivered a range of professional photographic solutions.Focusing on product photography for e-commerce stores has been the majority of my focus. However I do accommodate to other requests. I usually charge for my time which is $150 per hour. If your interested give me a call and we can discuss your needs and budget.
This is where Dgdonline shines, our range of value for money solutions deliver a fantastic result no matter your budget. Sites start from $1500 check out the packages on the webdesign page. For E-Commerce stores please call to discuss as it is impossible to give a one size fits all price.
From print to web, we can design your graphic solutions no problem. We have a range custom packages available upon request. We also offer Emergency Priority 1 services for customers who have the need. P1 services are charged at $150 per hour
We offer CMYK print service for offset print needs. We can basically print anything you need so ask for a quote and we will get one to you within 24 hours.
We take an overall approach to website marketing, we do not offer partial services. check out whats on offer in our web promotion area.