Mac Daddy (7 day)


These cards are scheduled for a 7 day delivery cycle so they are a little more expensive than our 3 week cycle


Only the best business cards you will get in Australia! Only available in 84mm x 55mm size

express 7 day delivery version

What are Mac Daddy Business Cards?

We call em Mac Daddy cause they are the thickest most unique Business Cards on the web. They are 600gsm / 32pt, They have an optional seam of colour which runs through the middle of the paper stock (choose from red, blue, black or white). They are 3x thicker than regular business cards.

How do Mac Daddy Cards feel?

Mac Daddy Business Cards return to a more  textured surface that feels tactile and elegant, yet still reproducing colour and images incredibly. In addition, with the optional seam of colour tailored to match your design, you will have a guaranteed point of difference when you hand over your business image to your customers

What fill colours are available on Mac Daddy Business Cards?

Mac Daddy Business Cards are available with four fill colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White


Are Mac Daddy Business Cards double sided?

Yes, all Dgdonline Business Cards are printed in full colour, on both sides.

What kind of designs work best with Mac Daddy Business Cards?

Mac Daddy Business Cards hold colour beautifully. However, due to the thickness of the paper, we generally find that more sparse and minimal designs show the cards off to their best, allowing the texture of the paper to add an extra element of “special” to them. That said, we’ll never stop you uploading any design to your cards, and full bleed photography or images (full bleed means images that go right to the edge of the card) work great too.

What if there’s a mistake on my card?

Every pack of Mac Daddy Business Cards will be checked by one of our trained Quality Assurance freaks before it goes to print. They’ll be looking out for obvious spelling mistakes, or formatting that looks wrong etc. However, proofing of your business card is your responsibility. So check all things before you approve it for print.


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