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Managed VS Self Managed Web Site Solutions

Whats the difference between a self managed website solution and a fully managed web site?

A self managed website is where you will be responsible for all things related to the operation of your web asset.

That means if there is a problem you will have to fix it your self or find a professional to do so. You will need to know when to upgrade your software versions of your website and if a problem occurs if it is server related or software related to engage the appropriate technician. A Managed website as delivered by Dgdonline takes care of all website needs.

All you do is get on with making money. We include 1 hour of support or changes to your site each month. Web Hosting, Domain charges are all included.

Managed Website Solutions

Most people do not want to get involved with CPanel Understandings, setting up Emails or running regular sever backups. Our Fully Hosted Website Solutions take care of all the technology while you get on with making money.

Websites design with The FUTURE in mind It just makes sense So we put it in every site we BUILD