Brisbane Local Listings

There is no need to blow your stack at bad local listing results

Running of our previous article on Google Places, we wanted give the businesses of Brisbane and Australia, some great information on the importance of a Google local listing with the old Google places now Google Business, for better search performance.

Now that Google has launched the new Pigeon update aimed at local listing and local search, you may want to consider why your site is loosing rank.

Here are some best practice guides for optimisation for local rankings:

  • 1 x Google (+) plus Local page for your business, not many or you will get hit with duplication.

    The first step in creating your Google listing is making your business listing and Google+ page, you will be asked to verify your listing generally in the form of a post card mailed to you.

  • Set up the correct category for your Google+ local page.

    Selecting the correct category is critical in appearing in the search results you want.

  • Try to use your phone number with the local area code in it.

    Google likes to see the area code as it really defines your location, it is just considered best practice to do so.

  • Name Address Phone (NAP) on your website should match the NAP on your Google+ business page.

    Google will cross reference this data and if it matches that is a good green light for your business. Confusing Google with different numbers will just create another flag towards low rankings.

  • Normalise all your business listings across the web so the NAP’s are the same.

    Edit and update listings you have with other local directories (like Yellow Pages) to ensure they all match your NAP

  • Get your customers into posting reviews on your Google + listing.

    The amount of good reviews you have in Google + has been proven to effect your rankings.

  • Localise your website content and titles.

    Add the city or state your targeting into the title of your webpage to ensure your connecting content to your area.

  • Additionally adding your product or service in the title closes the content loop.

    Making sure you mention your business service and the area your targeting will create a very good content loop and set the tone for service area targeted content.

We hope you have found this article to be informative and helpful, if you need assistance with your local listings or optimising your website content inline with this article give us a call.

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