Powerful website performanceThe difference between us, and them.

When you’re looking to get a website created in Brisbane there are a many traps one can fall into. The biggest is shopping for a website purely on price.

When you start a business you put a lot of effort into setting it up as best you can. You spend the right of money where its needed. Considering most businesses will bare minimum spend over $30,000.00 in things like signage, computers, POS, software, furniture, shop fit out, car and stock.

Therefore it seems strange when you get the image of your business looking great in the physical world that when it comes to the web you think “hey lets cheap out on this” I mean it’s not like this is important for the business yeah?

You could not fool yourself anymore. The website or ecommerce store is an extension of your business and in the case of ecommerce it is your shop front! It can work for you in so many ways that maybe you have not considered.

When you’re at home, sleeping or shopping, you know doing your personal stuff. Your website is working for you. Positioning it’s self in search engines, hustling for rank to gain authority. All the time just waiting for that searcher to punch in the terms connected to your market place. As this takes place what makes you think any old site is going to be found by that cunning internet user?

So how will your site perform?

The fact is 95% of the businesses creating websites have no idea how to make the assets rank in search engines. So if you had your site created by one of these companies it is going to be a rough ride in search engines.

When a search engine gets a choice between a page or site that has clear, quality information correctly presented and a page or site that is slapped together to look great. What do you think the search engine will choose? In fact we know what it will choose as it is not a human, at this point it is just doing a calculation. A complex calculation sure, but the results will be the same nearly all the time.

The search engine will give preference or rank to a site that has quality content. I mean not just great images, remember the search engine can’t see how good the images are, but can see if you have tagged the images with on topic information. It can see if your page is easy to navigate in terms of text. It can see if your content is short therefore not really being content at all – more like a description.

These days, your website pages need to have around 1000 words each to be considered content. Most businesses I know struggle to achieve 400 words about their business.  That’s pretty sad really. I mean, here you are you have put all this money and work into your business, you spend your time talking to everyone about what you do and spruiking potential customers. Yet, when it comes to smashing out 1000 words about a page on your website most people struggle. Guess what? We know that! That’s why we support you to get that content created.

When you set your shop or business up, you considered the area, the location and position of the business. We do the same with websites, we actually create whole environments that surround the website giving it authority. When search engines come along they see a relationship between your website and the wider web. This gives confidence and credit to those calculations that are happening.

webdesign BrisbaneSearch engines are a bit like “hey who are you, who do you know, who knows you?” The search engine is looking to see, do these the types of connections credit your business and give me confidence that the content you have is true and not misleading? At the end of the day the search engine is doing one thing, trying to get the best result for the user, the searcher.

We study search engine evolution, from the social web through the semantic web and towards the intelligent web. That’s why we know this and where this is all going.

What we have realized is that quality content and connections in the web world is what drives great results. So when we build your website and we ask you for content, think about what you are creating. Talk about your business with all the real passion you have for it.

We get other web design Brisbane companies asking us to do their SEO. Guess what? We don’t do SEO! We create web assets that have promotional packages sure, it’s more than SEO however. It’s more like multi-channel online marketing. Even our maintenance package is aimed at impacting search engines. I guess you could say if it’s not going to look awesome and get rank then we won’t make it.

Ecommerce store success

What makes a successful ecommerce store? There is more to selling online than one might think. First you need to be able to pack and ship your orders efficiently and maintain a transient stock level so your customers are getting what they want, when they want it.

All our ecommerce stores run the latest in technologies to increase the shopping experience. We ensure the store is connected to an email marketing platform that can increase sales and lubricate the selling environment. We incorporate CRM (customer relationship management) modules to keep staff up to speed on the client’s activities and communications. We connect to external databases where required and POS systems. We can install shipping modules that allow direct input of data, shipping labels and customer communication to put all things in 1 place.

The ecommerce website allows for heavy promotional options like coupon codes, limited and or mass discounting and much more. The reporting and sales data is rich as well. You can quickly see how much your store is selling and tunnel into more detailed reports. We can connect a heavy weight cloud based inventory management system and cloud POS as well.

It’s not rocket science building a website. That being said, understanding the way a website connects and positions a business with a market place is a different story. So that’s what you pay for with DgdOnline, our expertise. We create more than a website, we create powerful business tools that join the online to the real world.

So looking for web design Brisbane ? Get the business tool of your dreams. Call 1300 491 606

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