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There are people who can make designs and then there are graphic designers!

North Lakes I am proud to offer my 20 years of experience in Graphic Design for Print and web. You will be amazed to see the solutions and ideas we can present to bring your business graphic needs to reality. For Graphic Design in North Lakes – Brisbane Northside – You have found the right place!

Finding a Designer that understands Visual Communication

The GOOD and The BAD in design standards is black and white, there are many people offering their services as a designer yet the ability to produce across a wide range of media is very limited. The way the result visually communicates to the indented consumer takes great understanding. Often this is only on offer from large design firms and for good reason. Finding these professionals is not as easy as one might think. Dgdonline can design for Print and Design for web with one flexible design standard.

Imagine paying for a logo to be designed for a website only to find you will need it redesign for print?

We know that designs we create will often need to be used in a variety of end products so we always start with a top down approach where ever we can.

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