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Website design and development in Bribie Island

DgdOnline has expanded out to cover Bribie Island, Central Lakes and Caboolture. Now you can take advantage of one of the most forward thinking web design agencies in north Brisbane.

Who and What is DgdOnline?

DgdOnline is a web and graphic design agency with over 14 years experience. That takes us right back to the baby stages of the web to where it is today. We are experienced in website design and development from basic websites to ecommerce mega stores. We can create custom apps and features for practically anything you can think of.

One of our strengths is creating web instances that are designed to work with a business of today’s needs. Our concepts take an all over approach and deliver something truly unique.

So what does it mean to have an all over approach?

A business online these days needs to have more than just a website to compete. You need to have social media connections, blogs and other means of increasing your businesses exposure other than just the website it’s self.

This can be a difficult thing to manage, logging into multiple social media accounts and basically repeating similar posts to your audience. Most people end up giving up or doing a poor job of it.

The web technologies that are created with our websites take the hassle and pain away from this repetitive process and automate it for you. Now that’s smart thinking.

You might be thinking, well it’s not important to me because I only post to Facebook.  Great, at least you’re posting somewhere. However is that same post on your website? If not, customers visiting your website might be missing out on all those wonderful things your doing in Facebook. What if they are searching through Google, is your post in your map listing? If not again they will miss out.

These days there are so many ways to end up at a website and for so many different reasons.

We believe that when you go fishing you can only catch one fish with one hook at a time. What if you increased the lines you had in the water? What if you used a net? You got it, your chances increase tenfold.

So that’s the attitude we have, multiply your channels and create nets of information that direct people to your product or service. The great thing about our concepts is that they are dynamic in scope. So no matter if you have a raging business empire or a small startup business, we can design a solution that will give you maximum impact.

If your on a low budget you will end up having to do much of the labour yourself, but it is doable. If you’re a larger business then you will want us to monitor and manage a great deal of these channels for you. The website it’s self will deliver your content to all your external channels and direct people to those channels.

You might be thinking, Why would I want someone to go to a social media page when they are already on my website?

One of the things people look for when searching online is trust. Let’s face it, it’s the internet. There ain’t a lot of trust out there! When people have the opportunity to establish trust it is natural for them to do so. The trust concept is one thing we aim for in webdesign.

Social media channels offer another perspective on a business, as users get more savvy on the web you will find this will be a major contributor to the trust element. Social media offers an insight into the business. Clues are offered about your involvement and engagement with your customers like, When was the last time you posted or do you have disgruntled customers?

So you can see not only is it important to offer these channels, it is also super important to manage them correctly. We offer services and free advice on social media strategies should you want to know more.

If you have had a website created years ago there is a better than average chance it’s doing you more harm than good. So many websites we encounter are just not up to today’s standard. By this we mean the code is often very old and/or they don’t deal with mobile devices very well or at all.

One of the most common things we see is poor attempts at word stuffing in both code and on the front end. The keywords field is not even used by Google since at least 2009. We do know the meta description field it used and what we find is that most of the time it is weak or left out and the keywords have been spammed out. So basically the site was created along time ago or the creator has no concept of search engine results.

Search engine performance is one area we are keenly interested it. What structure do search engines like and don’t like?

We know they like a nice fast loading site, a site that manages devices that are viewing it, a site that is easy to navigate both from a users perspective and a robot perspective. Your site should link to relevant internal content and provide users with more than a few lines of information about your products and services. We know search engines like quality on topic references to your website and a healthy social media relationships in place as well.

We know they don’t like sites with no mobile version or adaptive code, we know they deliver penalties for this. Google has started penalizing websites that do not manage mobile devices now. So that means your rankings in search engines will start to suffer if there is no mobile version or adaptive code in place.

Duplicate content, copying or making multiple versions of the same site will get you penalised.

Unnatural structure and links, it used to be you could smash out 20,000 articles all the same with links back to your website and hey presto you are now on page 1. Try that these days and your going to burn that domain name for good.

If your website cant be found in Google on the first 2 pages or your rankings have taken a serious hit we can help. It’s more than likely due to one of the above reasons.

We have seen it all, and our advice to beginners is to be genuine and natural. Sure the more you do on the web, the more exposure you will get and if you do it right you will rank on page 1 for sure.

We focus on providing a website that will be in the best position to handle what you through at it, should you wish to add a marketing package to it, it’s ready to roll. If you do your own marketing it will fit right in.

Want a website that truly works? Call 1300 491 606

As you can see we take more than just -I will build you a website- approach. We live and breath the world wide web.