Dgdonline e-commerce solutions have been carefully chosen to deliver the best possible online experience for your online business.

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We know about online shopping, from large enterprise solutions to small easy to manage shops. We can even integrate POS and accounting software with CRM to make a truly powerful online experience.

Funny enough we see many people under estimating there online commitment. If you consider how much time and money you put into your bricks and mortar store then why should an online store be any different?

It is a store! Sure you don’t have some of the bills that go with a walk in store but you should treat it with the same respect and effort if you want it to succeed.

E commerce solutions vary and there are heaps on the market. So why do we use only 2 options?

It’s simple we know they work, are flexible and more importantly extremely powerful.

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Choosing the right ecommerce solution can be difficult and a lot of time can be wasted on the wrong choice.

We have taken a selection of the best ecommerce solutions for the different markets applicable to them. Magento and Woocommerce and you will see why!

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For us it’s all about control and flexibility, there is no question Magento has to be the most awesome powerhouse when it comes to high end e-commerce. With awesome power comes awesome options. This is not a system for small business looking to sell a little bit better than ebay. Just so you are aware of the backing behind Magento it is actually owned by Ebay.

Graphs while interesting will never answer the questions you have about your eCommerce needs, so call us, ask us, quiz us! You will discover we have an affordable powerful,¬†future proof custom built solution¬†that’s perfect for your business. 1300 491 606

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