E-Commerce solutions

Online shopping solutions

We look at E-commerce solutions in balance to clients needs.

Do you require multiple store fronts and 1 admin panel?

Do you need Complex data integration solutions, or do you just want to be able to sell your products quickly in an easy to use solution?

Each question results in some serious answers requiring very different solutions.

We approach e-commerce at Dgdonline by narrowing things to 2 very powerful and very different e-commerce solutions. Magento the mac daddy for the complex and high end enterprise requirements and for the less complex yet still very powerful solutions we use WooCommerce in a WordPress framework. We can even deliver integrated Magento and WordPress solutions for a extremely powerful flexible results.


Need a straight forward yet powerful e-commerce system that is mobile ready and includes your blog and other business services? Want to be able to self edit and manage your products and orders with ease? Woocommerce is a a truly powerful low to mid size platform that is integrated into the WordPress Frameworks. Whilst being elegant it delivers some very advanced features that will satisfy many e-commerce and website needs

We like the woocommerce platform and the intergration into the WordPress platform our CMS of choice and the choice of millions.

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E-commerce stores starting at $1500.00

Ecommerce, webstore and Website development from Dgdonline offer unparalleled service and quality.
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Magento E Commerce

Looking for a an enterprise and complex selling platform? Bam you got Magento!

Magento will satisfy the most complex web store requirments. We have been working with Magento since version 1.3 with the version already being at this platform is here to stay. For Multi store front and complex data connection capabilities there is no other choice.

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E Commerce? We've got that covered!

We have both ends of the e commerce world covered with the most powerful platforms available
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