Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising, your website will kill you before a shark will!

You are twice as likely to be killed crossing the road than being eaten by a shark. Yet when a shark is sighted at a beach you will notice how quickly people exit the water. Yet in Australia we step out with confidence at crossings believing the car will stop. We don’t rationalize the risk in proportion to the statistics at all.

Much is the same for websites. People in businesses fear sharks more than loosing customers. Yet you are 1000 times at greater risk of loosing a customer than being eaten by a shark.

Mobile Websites

Death by website

85% of websites on the internet are still not mobile adaptive or deal with mobile devices to make the information easier to read.
How many times have you just given up trying to read a web page on a mobile phone because it’s just to hard to do?

Time to act

This year the amount of people using mobile devices to access the internet as reach 50% and is tipped to become greater within 1 year.
It is obvious if your website is not using mobile marketing solutions your already loosing customers to your opposition that has taken the steps to address mobile advertising.
Just by shifting your current website into a responsive design you will decrease your bounce rates by at least 30% immediately and potentially increase conversions over the coming years by greater than 50%

Dgdonline delivers mobile advertising and marketing solutions and mobile marketing tips to all our customers ensuring they have the knowledge to make the correct business decision moving forward. Whilst we are not a dedicated mobile marketing company we do provide powerful mobile marketing solutions.

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Then you can happily swim with sharks!