Professional web designer

Like an athlete Professional Web Designers need to keep in shape

Just like a boxer

Keeping up to speed with the changing face of professional web design means continuous training, just like an athlete. Almost everyday new technologies need to be assessed and tested for use. Dgd Online is continuously learning and implementing new technologies into stable solutions for our customers.

So why use a professional web designer over doing it yourself (DIY)?

Only 2% of websites that are DIY actually make it to successfully going live on the web! Why you may ask? Most people struggle with A. writing good quality content and B. Struggle to display that content in a way that is both attractive and functional. That means 98% of DIY websites fail and people end up wasting their time.

Yes we use WordPress

Why do we use WordPress? WordPress accounts for around 50% of websites on the internet. It is a strong platform and is continuously advancing the strength in the code. Aother reason is that there is plenty of support for end users to be able to self manage their own blogs. Finally the architecture of WordPress is a high performer in search engines.

To be an affordable web designer we use a range of tools to make our process faster and deliver the end product on time and in budget. By using tried and tested display models we can cut our coding time down by 70% and focus on how we want our sites to look. In turn this delivers a high quality website that looks great, can be easily updated and will perform beautifully in search engines.

What to look for in a professional web design service in Brisbane

  • Smooth easy to read design
  • Cross browser support
  • Calls to action
  • Scaleable platform
  • Reliability
  • Mobile responsive
  • Usability
  • Search engine performance

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