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Creation of a website is nothing without good textual content. We have seen a lot of companies fail at this stage. We know why! Its hard to make decisions on the way your want your business to be read about. Are you using the best words and is it getting the message across?

Most of the time we find websites that are getting no traffic are missing the point of a website and that is to get the potential customer into the buying funnel and to have the right keyword appropriation within the page content to get picked up by search engines. That’s why we have web packages with full content creation included. Carefully crafted content is what makes your site perform.

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We know what images and text to use for Redcliffe and what calls to action will work.
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When your web content is written by us it has something really special placed into it. Key selling and search engine wonder text that will without the need of any promotional program perform like you have never seen before.

Our website content liaison and marketing representative will consult with you, to gain the knowledge needed for your website development and web page design. Through careful assessment of your needs we will create content that will deliver the position you are looking for in search engines and be relevant to your customer base. We will use that information to deliver powerful call to action events in your web page design that will get that phone ringing.

We create and package up text and image content by our talented web team to use to create your final product. Having an in depth understanding of your business and how your customers will buy from you is intrinsic to a successful website creation process.

Your website looks old, it does not look good on some browsers or people complain that its to hard to use. It’s a common problem. We have the solutions to fix and repair your website 
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There is no conspiracy, your opposition is not using super hackers to destroy you. There are 1000’s of internet bots cruising the web carrying out tasks, some good and well the rest are just plain nasty. In fact a massive percentage of our time is spent on security and protecting our and your assets. Depending on your host and the type of website you have 90% of the time it is fixable or repairable. However the longer you do nothing about it the greater the damage can be.


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